Body Shaming

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If you did not find this cover amazing, you have a problem!

@cosmopolitanuk October cover is the plus size model @tessholliday and got some really bad comments around the world.

This morning I saw an article about it in The West Australian, where the columnist wrote: "This isn’t a conversation about aesthetic, or about what’s fashionable. About whether or not you think Holliday is model material or otherwise.

This is about more of the same rubbish being peddled to women — that is that any shape and size is beautiful, even at the incredibly unhealthy extremes."

If you DO NOT AGREE, you are on the right track!

But if you AGREE, I'd like to ask you a question.

1 - Are you a doctor ?! If not, you really have no way to know if she's healthy or not. If you are a doctor, go to the next question ...

2 - Did you have access to the model's medical exams?! If you did not see them, you also have no way to know if she's healthy or not.

Did you realize that you cannot say if someone is healthy or not by looking at a photo?! I really don’t know why people say what you should or should not do with your body, just by judging what they look at in a photo, or in person. - Isn’t it easier to just stay quiet and mind your own business?!

Now, let’s move to a more serious problem... BODY SHAMING!

You may have preferences on how you want to look physically, you may wish to lose or gain weight, just as you may be completely satisfied with your body! But you can only do this with YOUR OWN BODY!

Yesterday a photo of a future collection of Revolve was prematurely released. The brand of Los Angeles is known for its famous ambassadors such as Camila Coelho, Rocky Barnes, Aimee Song... ALL SKINNY! The photo in question was a shirt written: "Being fat is not beautiful, it's an excuse."



Being fat does not mean being unhealthy, and being skinny does not mean being healthy.

And with that we go the third photo: The 5 Minute Rule!