Hi everyone!!!!

My pregnant schedule is getting tight and I'm spending all the free time I have to sleep, of course! So forgive the pregnant woman for her absence.

The good news is there is a new video on my YouTube channel! Mike and I booked the Baby Shower and because of that, we went to Buy Buy Baby to make our Baby Registry. For those who do not know, this is a huge store in the US with everything you can imagine for babies and children.

In October, when I found out I was pregnant, I went there just to look around. After all, I had never entered a baby store in my life. The first impression was great, the store has two floors and the people who work there are very nice and ready to answer all your questions. I had a lot of things to ask, but as I was still a little shocked by the news, I just looked at baby clothes and went back home.

When my mother came here in November, we went there to buy lotion for my belly. I was 9 weeks pregnant and waiting for the email revealing the baby's gender. We walked around the store, and my mom excitedly grabbed some neutral-colored clothes, baby bottles and some basic things. As I said, the store is huge and after two hours there.....

I got the email with the result of the blood test!


We were ready to pay and leave but, of course, Grandma got excited and decided to take a look at the cute little dresses. But it wouldn't be fair to blame just her, I also got excited and decided to ask about making the baby registry there.

They were all very nice! We sat at the table with an attendant and she explained how everything works. When I said it's my first kid, she gave me a list of things I should add to the registry in order of necessity. I really had no idea that I would need so many things so the list was very good.

I filled out a form and then she set an account up for my baby registry. What I think is very cool is that they offer a tour with an attendant through the whole store to point out the necessary items from the list. It sounds silly but I had no idea there are different sizes of bottle nipples, so this was pretty great!

They recommend that you do one floor at a time. The store is big and you may run out of patience to see everything. When you register, you also get a scanner connected to your list and the fun part starts!!!! You scan the bar code of the product and it goes straight to your registry. If you are not sure of anything, you can always check it online again. There you can manage your list, change, delete and add things. I check mine all the time!

The cool thing about checking online is that you can see what has been bought and then they generate an automatic thank you list so you don't forget to send a card. They also have a checklist on the website where you can see the products and quantities you need. It is a great guide.

But because I could not leave my hubby out of this, we went there one day to see things and choose together. This was undoubtedly one of the funniest parts of pregnancy for him! We spent three hours in the store, we realized that we know nothing about babies!

It was fun after all, we learned a lot and picked lots of things for our little girl! You can see in the link below everything we have chosen:

To create a registry there just go to their website and start picking out whatever you want! If you want to book a guided visit, you can do it online or at the store.

If anyone has any questions, just leave a comment here! And do not forget to watch the video where we are showing a little bit of the store and the fun we had!