Makeup & Stuff

Hi people!!!

Yesterday was International Women's Day and it was very special for me. I'm very happy to be carrying a member of the next generation of empowered women.


Because of that, I decided to share a little bit about self esteem and makeup. I made a video for the YouTube channel talking about some of the impact pregnancy has been having on me and what I've done to keep my head and self-esteem up.

I really like makeup. I confess that, at the moment, it's been a tool tool that has helped me a lot to keep myself positive. The hormonal changes during pregnancy are very strong and we can suffer from it, but we can also find a path with less of a negative impact and more happiness.

So I started to take care of myself to have a beauty routine, take care of my hair and my skin, and also to make myself feel better when I'm going out. Since I have very little clothing choices, I started testing different makeup.

Look, I'm going to confess that I started to feel a lot better taking care of myself every day both physically and mentally. Meditations are part of my daily routine. Not because I'm pregnant, but because I felt I needed to pay more attention to my emotions and needs.

I shared a little bit about all of this in the video below and more content about this subject will appear in the near future. Click to watch the video and also don't forget to visit my Instagram (@dicasbarbarasblog) to participate in the makeup giveaway!