Pregnancy Journal - 27 weeks

Hi peeps!!!

I'm finally back to my dear blog... For those who did not follow me in the last two weeks on Instagram I'll explain.

A little over two weeks ago, I had a lumbar crisis. I was in sooooo much pain! I mentioned this in my last pregnancy journal, but I'll explain everything in case we have any pregnant women reading this! I could not get up because of the pain. I ran out of breath and I ended up having light contractions.

There are Braxton Hicks contractions, which are false contractions that can happen from the 20th week, it is like a training and can last from 40 seconds to 1 minute. So when I began to feel this mild discomfort, I did not worry... But the pain got stronger and I called the doctor right away.

Because my back pain was so sharp that I ran out of breath, I started to have stronger contractions, which is not normal and definitely not good for a pregnant woman in the 25th week. Bed rest was necessary so I could take care of the lumbar. Since we live on the second floor and I could not go up or down stairs, I had to stay indoors for a few days.

I spent 3 days icing my back every two hours for 20 minutes, I could not stay more than an hour seated and had to walk around the apartment hourly. Then, it was time to do warm compresses for another 3 days and go down and up the stairs once a day very slowly as long as there was no pain. On the seventh day, I was finally ready to go for a walk around the block... I don't remember being that happy just because I could leave the house. But I used my days at home to make videos for the YouTube channel, write and organize my life.

Last Monday, March 12th, I had another ultrasound to see how our baby is. She is just fine! Very strong, healthy, and growing each day. She was taking a nap and did not want too much contact with us, even after the doctor shook my belly to see if she turned. It was 9 in the morning and I noticed that she does not move a lot before noon... Definitely my daughter!

Our sleeping beauty!

Our sleeping beauty!

When everything seemed wonderful, I had another surprise... Stomach flu! It was a terrible week, and then I disappeared completely from here and YouTube to take care of myself! Everything was making me sick... Looking at the computer, watching TV, and I could not find a good position to sleep... Anyway, it was not easy and I had another week of rest.

I thought it was better to disconnect myself from everything, take care of my health, the baby and to not worry about anything else. It was very complicated because I was not able to eat, I felt like I was back to the first trimester! It's very important to stay hydrated during a stomach flu, right?! So I had to make an extra effort to not forget to drink water.

During pregnancy, our immune system gets worse, so we have to be careful with the viruses out there. Lesson learned!

It was 10 days to recover completely, and guess who got sick ?! Hubby, of course! But he recovered much faster, in 3 days he was just fine.

Enjoying the city after 20 days at home!

Enjoying the city after 20 days at home!


Now that I started the third trimester, I'm a little nervous! It's funny, we don't tell anyone about the pregnancy until the first trimester passes. Then comes the second and since we have more energy, we want to go out and do all the things we couldn't do in the first three months. Then comes the last trimester and we realize that nothing is ready AND WE JUST HAVE THREE MONTHS LEFT!

There's still a lot to do. It's a race against time! We have to prepare the baby shower, set up her bedroom, wash her clothes, buy diapers, pack the maternity bag, have the hospital tour, find a pediatrician, and all this with going to the doctor every two weeks to do more blood tests!

I got tired of just listing everything!

Tomorrow there's going to be another pregnant video on the channel with a guest! Grace Soares from the blog Me Faz Sorrir, she is also a pregnant girl from Brazil and we decided to share some of our (completely different) experiences with everyone!

So that's it, I'll be back on Wednesday with a new post and do not forget to subscribe to my channel!