YouTube Channel!

Hi everyone!!!

I was away last week as I was devoting myself to learning video editing! Yes! That's right... Last Thursday was Dicas Barbaras' anniversary and to celebrate a year of existence, I started the channel on YouTube!

A month ago I did a poll to find out what people wanted to see the most in the first video. To my surprise, the vast majority replied that they would like to see a presentation. I confess I never thought about making a video talking about myself, but I was clearly mistaken. It makes a lot of sense to introduce myself first.

It was great, fun to shoot, and even better to edit! Of course, as it was the my first time, it took me a little longer to finish. So I had to disappear from here to be able to figure out the camera, audio, effects... So many things to learn! ... But it was worth it! I'm very happy with the result! And if you have not watched it yet, click the link below! English subtitles are available!!!

Now that I'm back to normal and haVE organized my time better, I will post new content EVERY DAY !!!

So stay tuned for the new schedule of Dicas Barbaras:

- New blog posts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday!

- YouTube videos every Tuesday and Thursday! So, tomorrow a new video will be uploaded!!! Be sure to watch it!!!

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