Pregnancy Journal - 25 weeks

Hi everyone!!

I'm back with the Pregnancy Journal and, of course, I have lots of news to share with you!

To begin with, Mike and I made a video for the YouTube channel! We asked each other questions about pregnancy... It was really fun! If you haven't watched it yet, click the link below!

**English and Portuguese subtitles are available!**

Now let's talk about what's new...

I'm in the 25th week of pregnancy and everything is happening very fast! The bump is getting bigger each day and it's amazing how strong her movements are. This girl is trouble for sure!


Our little Georgia is pretty energetic and likes to party late at night. Because of this, insomnia caught me pretty good. When she gets agitated, she presses my bladder so the bathroom has become a mandatory stop at least five times during the night.

This week I also did the glucose test. They do it to test gestational diabetes, and it was negative! YAY! I confess I was a little scared since I felt dizzy and nauseated. I thought this could be related to my sugar blood levels but they were just normal pregnancy symptoms.

Another event this week was a terrible lumbar pain. My back could not stand the extra weight and all the movements of bending down, cleaning the house, high heels ... And since I did not stop, the pain appeared and the doctor put me on bed rest.

I stayed home for a week, I could not use stairs and since we live on the second floor, I had to stay in the apartment the whole time. To be honest, it was good to rest for a few days. I used the time to organize my blog agenda, shoot videos, and make content and new plans.

Now, let's talk about food! My love for pineapple continues and we must have sweets and desserts in the house. Now my favorite breakfast is a banana smoothie. It's so good and the baby loves it! I'm also eating fish three times a week like the doctor recommended and lots of fruits! 

We still have a lot to do, but we are enjoying every moment. From choosing the room décor to picking a diaper brand, we didn't know that there would be so many options! 

Our little baby grows strong, reacting to songs and conversations, so it's hard to resist poking the belly just to see a kick in response.

Next week we have another ultrasound and I will definitely come back here with updated photos of our princess!

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