Pregnancy Journal - 21 weeks

Today I'm back with my pregnancy journal to share some more of these incredible moments with you!

Now I'm past the half-way point of the pregnancy and these weeks are full of surprises, which also means we have less time to get everything ready.

Soon we have to start to put her room together. The ideal is to paint at least 3 months before the baby is born. This helps to make the paint smell go away before the baby arrives. Other than that, I have to organize the baby shower, start a registry, decorate, wash the clothes she already has... there are a lot of things to do!

Last Thursday, I went to the doctor for another visit. Mike came with me and we heard her heartbeat. It was beautiful as always !!! They gave me a form for the hospital and asked me to schedule a tour to see the types of rooms. I also got a list with suggestions of multiple classes such as CPR for newborns, birthing classes, and how to take care of a newborn.

The second trimester has been pretty good but as my belly grows, my back hurts more often, making me change positions constantly and avoid standing for too long. The funny thing is that if I don't respect that, she reminds me! I've lost control of my body, I cannot walk as fast, and I need to be around a bathroom because of the pressure on my bladder!

I gained 8lbs since my first visit, but now the weight gain will accelerate as she grows faster. My doctor gave me a limit of 30lbs for the whole pregnancy, so I guess I've been doing good since I'm half way to the end.


I'm not getting too hungry. Sometimes I have to remember to eat. The only crazy craving that appeared recently was pineapple, which I always hated, but now I can't live without! And a funny thing is I have to smell everything. Food, drink, perfume, makeup.. I've gotten obsessed with smells! 

Insomnia is getting better but I still cannot sleep all night. I have to get up to use the bathroom or change positions because of back pain.

But all these annoying things become irrelevant when she starts to move, and I complain a lot! But it's amazing how nothing else matters when you feel the kicks. I always thought this was myth but it is 100% true!

Our little Georgia is about 10.5 inches and weighs 12oz. That means the movements in my belly no longer go unnoticed. I know when she is awake, when she is asleep, and we have developed our own way of communication. I start to sing and if I stop, she moves! I poke my belly and she responds with a kick. It's very cute!!!

Having a baby developing inside of you is a crazy feeling! I never thought I would have so much fun and I confess that all the interaction has made me very anxious. I cannot wait for her to be born! And as a Barbie collector, I'm going crazy looking at the outfits and accessories for girls!!

I'm very excited for what is next! I have another ultrasound on March 12th but while I wait, I keep looking and falling in love with the pictures of the last one!