Pregnancy Journal - 18 weeks

Hi!!! It's Pregnancy Journal Day - YAY! To be honest, it's one of my favorite subjects to write about. Today, I start week 18 meaning I am in the middle of the fourth month and now things are happening at a much higher speed!

Last week, I had another visit with my doctor and she said that they don't do sonograms after week 15. However, given that it was a day after my birthday and my father-in-law went with me to see the baby, she ended up making an exception! If I could, I would have an ultrasound machine at home so I could see what the baby is up to all the time - hahahaha!

My next ultrasound will be on January 24th, and from what the doctor said it is very long; about an hour. It's the anatomy scan (we will confirm the baby's gender - YAY!). After this visit, we will see the baby one more time around week 35 and then we will just have to wait for the 40th week when we are going to finally meet our baby! 

Now let's jump to the news! After waiting a long time, we felt the baby moving for the first time. On the first day, I felt a little tickle in my belly as if I had a butterfly. After a few days, it got more intense until one day, I was in the shower and I felt a pretty strong kick! 

My belly grows every day. I'm always impressed when I wake up and see that it's bigger than when I went to bed.

Let's talk food... I can say I have been pretty good about it. I'm not hungry all the time. Sometimes, I even have to remind myself to eat! But I have cravings every single day, usually for Brazilian food!



My TOP 3: 

1 - Ouro Branco (literally the best chocolate EVER)

2 - Brigadeiro (the best Brazilian dessert!)

3 - Crackers with Requeijão (Brazilian cheese spread)



Other things that are a must have in the refrigerator are popsicles! Since the beginning, I've been craving popsicles! When I was in the fourth week, I was walking on the street and I needed a tangerine popsicle. I almost cried because it was during the fall and I didn't know if I would be able to find one.

Then we found out that there is a Nestlé box with popsicles called "fruit bars" and they're great! I found tangerine, mango, and coconut. I bought all of them to make sure I will always have a popsicle when I get the craving!


Everything is going perfectly fine! We are moving furniture out of the room that will be our baby's room which, by the way, I cannot wait to start decorating! I am taking care of my health and resting when headaches or back pains start.

I am reading all the pregnancy and parenting books and getting everything ready for our little one!