Pregnancy Journal - 17 weeks


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Since we have family and friends in multiple countries, I am starting an English version of my blog Dicas Barbaras! Now everyone can be part of this special moment for us reading the news of my pregnancy.

I will just explain the blog's name so everyone understands what it is about. The word "DICAS" in Portuguese means TIPS and "BARBARAS" is an expression that means AMAZING! It is a word play, since it’s also my name. 

As most of you know I didn't have fun in the beginning of my pregnancy, morning sickness got me really hard and I couldn't do much until I passed week 12. After the endless nausea passed, I was able to return to normal life! Then it was time to look for healthy activities for pregnant women, but since it is really cold here I started to look for things that I could do at home.

The first activities I started to do were not for the body but for the mind. I got back to my meditation routine and started to do yoga. It is very important to be sure you can do certain activities, and controlling your heart rate is the best way to know if you are on the right track. During exercise, your heart rate can not exceed 140 beats per minute. Let's remember that if you want to lose a few pounds, pregnancy is not the time for it, so do not force yourself and respect your body. And also, if you weren't super active before pregnancy, do not start now. Find the best exercise for you and keep yourself healthy. The mantra is "Heathy mommy, healthy baby!"

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As I wanted to do something more active, I chose to do elliptical and Zumba. My doctor mentioned these two activities. Since we have an elliptical at home, that was a great option for cardio! I also bought a package of exercises like dance and yoga for pregnant women, but I will wait to use it when the weather is better. I also bought Zumba for Wii U and I am doing yoga using YouTube videos and apps. For Yoga, I use the app Abhyaasa and for meditation Sattva. Both are great and I highly recommend them!

I've always made a million excuses for not going to the gym, and now I have no reason to not exercise with the options just a few steps from my bed. I'm taking my health more seriously than I ever have in my life. I am gaining weight as planned, resting when my body asks, and I am very proud of myself; it's not easy being pregnant! I have back pain very often so I'm taking it easy and respecting the limits of my body.

And for the moms-to-be like me, don't forget to drink lots of water, eat fruits, eat healthy foods, and exercise in the right way. The priority is this little one growing inside of us, so no crazy diets or too much exercise. Respect the limits of your bodies and take care of your little ones.

Love :)

A peek of my little one <3

A peek of my little one <3