TV Shows to watch

Hi everyone, how was your weekend?!

After a very lazy weekend, I'm back here with a list of TV Shows you must watch (No Spoilers)!

Mike and I are always looking for a new TV show to watch. Let's be honest. Is there much better than TV and popcorn in the winter?! Let's get to the list.

Black Mirror:


After several friends recommended Black Mirror to us, not to mention the amount of memes and gifs we have seen on the internet, we decided to start watching it. The problem with this show is that once you start watching, you will not be able to stop! There are 19 episodes in 4 seasons, and each episode lasts an hour or so. Unlike most TV shows, Black Mirror tells a different story in each episode. I'm going to be honest with you. When I read it was like this, I was a bit afraid I would not like it, but after 10 minutes into the first episode, I already knew I would not be able to stop!

We're not done yet! We watched the first and second season on Saturday, and some of the third season's episodes on Sunday. And as much as I have a lot of free time due to my pregnancy, we are not allowed to watch new episodes without each other. If you are in a relationship, talk to your partner first. Watching TV shows alone can start a HUGE fight!

So if you haven't watched Black Mirror yet, put it on top of your list! Any resemblance to reality is no coincidence!

Breaking Bad:

This is, without a doubt, one of the best shows I've ever seen in my life, if not the absolute greatest! It's 62 episodes in 5 seasons. I got so obsessed with it that I finished it in two weeks and, at the time, I was working full-time at the office. Otherwise I would be done in probably four days or so lol.

The episodes are tied up and require a lot of attention. Any details lost can make you a bit confused. Not to mention that we end up liking the "bad guy" = X


The good news is that the series is over so you can do a crazy marathon. And that is also bad news, because we will not have new episodes about Walter White's crazy life.

Stranger Things:

If you have not watched the world's coolest kids yet, stop everything you are doing and start watching NOW!


I will not say much about this show, because I don't want to give  away any spoilers, especially because it's still going. There are 17 episodes in 2 wonderful seasons to watch on Netflix!!! And to be really honest I liked the second season more and I cannot wait for the third !!!

Orange Is The New Black:


This is another one that is still going, although the sixth season has not been confirmed yet. There are rumors that it will be released in June, but we are still waiting to confirm that is true. So if you want to start this one, do it now so you have time to watch all five seasons before the new one comes out. There are 65 episodes so get the popcorn ready!

Better Call Saul:


If you are like me who loved Breaking Bad and actually misses the show, Better Call Saul is a great option to go back in time and see what happened before Saul and Walter crossed paths.

The show has 3 seasons with 10 episodes each and the fourth season has already been confirmed! So this is another one you have time to catch up on before the next season is released!


Who really has never watched Friends, huh ?! I remember starting to watch it when I was 10 years old back in Brazil and I can say that I didn't get any of the jokes then, but I wouldn't miss an episode.


I put Friends on this list more like a show to have in the background if you don't know what to watch. I'm always rewatching it! Since we have our deal to not watch any of the new shows alone, I usually watch Friends.

But if you have not seen it yet, please do it! Of course the times were different and there are many old jokes, but it's always great to watch! 

Now let's talk the shows I have not seen yet ... So a couple of friends told me to watch Mind Hunter and Riverdale. I haven't watched either of them yet and since we just started Black Mirror this weekend, I will wait a little bit. But they are already on my list!

How about you?! What do you recommend we watch next? Have you seen any of these shows?! Let me know what you think and what shows you think are best to curl up in a blanket and watch!?