Blog's Anniversary and YouTube


For those who do not know, we will celebrate the first anniversary of Dicas Barbaras on March 1st! Plus, we have some exciting news!

I always wanted to have a blog when I was younger, but at the time I had no patience. It never worked out. Not to mention I had no idea how to keep a website updated. I created and deleted blogs several times and in October 2016, I decided to start a new project. This time, it was a little different. I had no more anxiety and was 100% committed to it.

The idea was to narrow the distance between me and my best friend, who is also Barbara. (I don't know if it's a lack of creativity or if I love my name. But I like to say it was destiny!) So Dicas Barbaras was the perfect name for us!

Having a blog requires a lot of patience and dedication. Back in October 2016, we were not willing to share our time with it. I spent days trying to choose a name that had an available domain. Dicas Barbaras was the one and we did not want to give it up. So, the first thing I did was buy the domain. I registered and Then I ran to Instagram to see what was available. Unfortunately, I could not get @dicasbarbaras, but I got @dicasbarbarasblog, which was also available on Facebook.

It was a few months between registering the name, learning how to make a website and finally going live. I'm not a graphic designer and I also didn't have the money to invest on my blog, so I used to spend most of my free time watching videos on how to customize the page layout and keeping everything updated.

March 1st, I finally went live and was able to share Dicas Barbaras with everyone! I was very excited, but of course, sometimes things don't turn out as expected... The following month I started working full-time in a photography studio and my time was even shorter. At the time, I was also planning the wedding so blogging was not a priority on my list. It's a shame because if I could manage my time better, I would have made good content about the wedding planning and the apartment makeover. But it is what it is!

In the last week of 2017, I decided to dedicate myself to the blog again and with the pregnancy, it was a good way to share this special moment with family and friends in other countries! The plan was new content every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and finally, to create the English page. Of course, things happen, and that's okay! The most important thing for me was to have a routine and at least two new posts a week. I think I have been doing pretty well! Not to mention that I'm very proud I was able to change the entire layout by myself (I even learned how to code), and finally started to write in English!

I learned that if you are committed to something, it is much easier to manage your time, and then you can start new projects!

To celebrate one year live, I will start a Dicas Barbaras YouTube channel. I'm already shooting the videos and the first will be uploaded on March 1st! The channel has already been created, and the goal for this year is to have 1,000 people so I can register the name. For those who don't know, you can only customize the channel name after reaching 1,000 subscribers. So, for now, this is the link :

Be sure to subscribe! And don't forget to send suggestions about what you want to see here and on YouTube!

Kisses <3