It's a Girl!


I have been very anxious for today since I found out I was pregnant !!! Two months ago, I scheduled the anatomy ultrasound so we could find out the baby's gender. Of course, I was dying of curiosity.

Well, as many of you know, there is a blood test that can be done at 9 weeks but it is very expensive and it's not covered by insurance. The average cost is around $ 1000 so we would have to wait until the ultrasound during the 20th week.

But let's be honest, did you really think I would wait 15 weeks to figure this out? OF COURSE NOT !!! I started to look for everything you can imagine: signs that you are pregnant with a boy / girl, putting a ring on the belly and seeing where it goes, the Chinese calendar... anything I could find, I did! But all the options were just jokes or old wives' tales.

One day, I found a blood test to do at home. Yeah, it may sound crazy, but that's right! With SneakPeek early gender test, you can find out as soon as week nine. You will receive a sealed box, put blood in the tube, fill out a form, send it back, and once you get the email confirming they received your blood sample, you will get the result within 24 hours.


Because it is done at home, it requires a lot of attention to handling the items in the box. To start, you cannot have any male presence where you will get the blood. The rest of the instructions are quite simple. Drink water 30 minutes before, wash your hands well using the kit in the box, prick your finger, and let the blood go down to fill the tube. It's much simpler than it looks but trust me, if I can do it, anyone can! But it is VERY important to wait for the ninth week, because before that there is not much of the baby's blood in your bloodstream.

Let me explain how it works. They get the blood sample and look for Y chromosomes. If the Y is detected, it's a boy!

I found the test on Amazon for $ 70 dollars, way better than the $ 1200 price tag right ?! And if the result is wrong, they give you back your money.

I got my result saying that we are going to have a baby girl and to my surprise, today we confirmed it in the ultrasound!

So here's a tip for all the anxious moms-to-be like me, take the Sneak Peek Gender Test!

Look at our beautiful baby Georgia!