Pregnancy Journal - 19 weeks


I just started my last week of the fourth month of pregnancy and new things are happening every day! Our baby's bones are forming and getting stronger. Because of that, the kicks and movements in the womb are more noticeable!

Last week, I said that I had felt something very light like a butterfly flapping wings. Now, I feel like there are yoga sessions and soccer games at certain times.

Every day before going to sleep, the baby spends hours deciding which side it's going to stay on. It's a crazy feeling! On one side, the belly is "empty" and on the other side there is a huge bump. Whenever I feel this movements, I poke my belly and I am answered with a kick. Well, I guess I have to prepare myself for a very active child!

As for the symptoms, I have not had any discomfort other than the back pain that always strikes when I exercise. The headaches are much better as I've started to drink more water (I was having a hard time drinking water but I'm controlling myself to get at least two liters of a day). The Plant Nanny app is great by the way!

This is the news for today. Next week I will have much more to talk about since we have another ultrasound and we will also confirm the baby's gender!

In the meantime, I keep cleaning and organizing the apartment to start working on the baby's room! I'm very excited to pick everything for the bedroom!

Kisses and have a great weekend!

Note: The name of the app that shows the growth of the hand is Ovia. I love receiving the weekly news!