Fashion - Winter 2018

Hi everyone!

If you are visiting/live in New York or any other very cold city, this post is for you!

Living in a city where the temperatures reach negative degrees during winter may seem like a daily struggle for your wardrobe. It is sometimes difficult to maintain elegance using a thousand different layers of clothing. And with negative temperatures, this is almost impossible.

When I lived in Rio de Janeiro, I rarely bought winter clothes. Not to mention that it is difficult to find clothes that keep you warm in -10 degrees and cost less than a thousand reais (about 400 dollars). So before I moved to New York, I invested in a good snow jacket. The plan was to get here and run to a store to buy thermal clothing (I no longer use them, but they were the best thing EVER in my first two winters). Keep in mind that the winter in Rio is around 60 degrees, so I thought I would freeze in the beginning.

I love dresses! My mom will say that I hated them when I was younger but today 70% of my wardrobe is made up of them. I usually prefer no prints so I can use them in any season, changing only the composition of the look. When it's colder, I put on thick tights and feel alright. But when the temperature is a little better, skin-colored pantyhose and long boots are always a great option!

A very important tip for everyone who freezes no matter what is to get thermal clothes! It is comfortable and you can still add more layers, such as a pair of jeans or leggings. You can find thermal clothing in various colors, brands, and prices! For travelers, I always suggest buying on Amazon and scheduling the delivery for the day you arrive to make sure that you will not get cold.

Below, you can see some of my favorite looks. During fall and winter, my must have pieces are: a leather jacket, long boots, a snow jacket with hooded fur (always faux fur!), raincoat for the days you need it, and sneakers and  a trench coat for the less cold days.

Are you packing and have no idea what to bring? Need help on where to buy winter clothes? Comment here or write to me ( and I will gladly help you!

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