I was ecstatic to write about the wedding so I would finally have an excuse to sit down, see the pictures, and remember our special day!

I'll start from a little before the wedding. About a month and a half before, I did not like my dress... Obviously, I cried a lot but I had time to go shopping and find another dress.

I made an appointment at David's Bridal, which is very close to where I work to see what they had available or could get ready in 45 days. I tried on 10 dresses before I finally found the one! I still had a few more to try, but I knew I had found MY DRESS! Then was time for the tension... Will the dress I chose be ready on time?! The release was scheduled for September, but that was nothing that a crying bride does not solve hahaha

The saleswoman checked for me and said they could have the dress ready on time for the weddin, but the delivery would be July 21 and the wedding was on the 23! Not ideal but I prayed: I was already in love with this dress and would not go for another one.

On July 10th, they called me saying that the dress was ready at the store and I could go make the adjustments. I went on the 13th and they promised me the delivery for the 19th; what a relief! And then on the 19th I went to get it! I never thought I would get married wearing a mermaid dress, but I fell in love with this one!


July 22nd, it was time to go to Upstate NY. We went up the day before the wedding, because we had the Rehearsal Dinner.

Arriving at the hotel, I was informed that the room I chose was not available ... MORE DRAMA!!! Anyway, we went to the rehearsal at the church, then dinner, and Father Anthony said we could stay on the church property. Guys, that was the BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED, the photos were wonderful as you can see. The property is in Garrison, NY and faces the Hudson River, very beautiful! So all the pictures with the bridesmaids, flower girls, Maid of Honor and Man of Honor were divine! 


Everything went well and we had a lot of fun getting ready there. Not to mention we were just steps from the church, so no delays.

It was a beautiful ceremony and from there we went to the reception. We had it at Dutchess Manor, about 15 minutes from the church. The food was wonderful and everything was so beautiful! 

It was a really beautiful wedding, with many loved ones from Brazil, Greece, and New York. We had so much fun and, without a doubt, it was a very special day for us! All photos and videos were made by Studio Laura Campanella and Graviola Filmes!

So to the brides to be, don't worry too much, because everything will be fine. The most important thing is to enjoy this unique and special day. And, of course, I hope that all future brides have a day as wonderful and beautiful as mine was!