First Symptoms

Hello!! The second post of the new category is about the beginning. Let's talk about my first symptoms...

In the week that I found out I was pregnant, I was having very strong cramps. At first, I thought it was my period coming but I was wrong. I spent a few days in pain but the doctor said it was normal because the embryo installs itself on the wall of the uterus and mild cramps are to be expected. I've never had cramps so, to me, it was very strong. I was 4 weeks pregnant, so it was super early. On one hand, it was great! I started to take care of myself as soon as I confirmed, but the hard part was controlling my anxiety.

On my first visit to the doctor, I did a lot of blood tests and an ultrasound that could not see anything, just the amniotic sac, which is where the baby develops. 

When I started week 6 and was counting the days for my next visit, I began to have morning sickness, but not only in the morning, all day long! I was reading books, checking pregnancy apps, Googling, just looking for anything that could make me feel a little better. Most days, nothing would help me. I couldn't leave my bed. I called my mother, sister, mother-in-law, sister-in-law, friends who had children, everyone, hoping to find something to make me feel better. Some days, I could not watch TV or read, so I would just sleep to try to forget. I had ginger tea, chamomile, everything I was told to try. What helped me a lot was crackers. I would eat them in bed just to have something in my stomach before I got up.

In week 7, I returned to the doctor and listened to the baby's heart beat for the first time. It was not even a baby yet, but the little heart was beating strong! It really was a magical feeling!


Two weeks after seeing my baby for the first time, I had my first prenatal visit. I loved my doctor. She is Brazilian from Rio de Janeiro and has been living here for many years. It was a lot better for me to have found a Brazilian doctor so I can ask all my questions. As you probably noticed, I speak English just fine, but now I am learning a whole new vocabulary! I took my notebook with questions and notes, asked about food, habits, and everything I was afraid could harm the baby. THE BEST THING IS TO HAVE A LITTLE NOTEBOOK FOR PREGNANCY THINGS !!!! I keep mine around and every time I think of something I did not ask, I write it there to remember for the next visit! Anyway, my first time at the obstetrician was great! I felt safe and I was super excited when I saw the baby again, completely different and WAY BIGGER than the first one!