New Category - MOTHERHOOD

Hi people!!! I am finally back at Dicas Barbaras after a few very busy months! The plan was to quit my job, take care of my health,  start working freelance, and finally devote some time to blog, but things do not always happen as planned!

I had a little surprise on my last day of work. I was not feeling well and I decided to  Google search my symptoms. Google suggested that I take a pregnancy test and...POSITIVE!


The first thing I did after the positive test was go to the ER. There they did urine and blood tests to confirm the pregnancy and have an estimate of how far along I was. After the visit to the doctor, I went to my last day of work. All normal, I said goodbye to everyone, I finished some pending work, and I went back home. It was time to call the family, think, plan, think a little more, and buy What To Expect When You Are Expecting!

Yes, the first thing I did was to buy the book, and if I remember correctly, I did not sleep the first night, I was very anxious. The whole family was very happy, but I was still in a panic! I just thought about how it would be to go through this far away from my family, in another country, to have to learn a whole new vocabulary in English. Seriously, panic is the word for what I was feeling!

The next step was to find a doctor to start prenatal and that was not an easy task for me. I decided that I would feel more comfortable if I found a Brazilian doctor to follow up with me, and I finally found it! As it is my first child and there are several things that I will not know how to say in English, I decided that this was the best option for me. I made an appointment for my first visit, but since they do not start the prenatal until the eighth week of pregnancy, I had to go to an ER again to do the first blood tests, just to see if everything was okay! As I found out very early, I could not see anything on the first ultrasound, but everything was fine with my blood tests. 

Well, I guess it's time to start a new category of Dicas Barbaras :)